Featured Essay

On Imitation

by Lucien Steil

It is difficult to add anything substantial to Quatremère de Quincy’s Essai sur la nature, le but et les moyens de l’imitation dans les beaux-arts (1823)1 and Dictionnaire Historique de l’Architecture (1823–33),2 for Quatremère excels in precision and comprehensiveness as well as in depth. His genius proves to be universal. Let me... More »

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Architectural Drawing and the Two Images

by Samir Younés

Architects and artists see the world as image and build the world as image. As makers of images, they know that seeing and imagining are intimately related. Although seeing concerns objects that are external to the... More »

Geography and Loss

by Sarah Sutro

At the end of the natural history and anthropological displays of the NY State Museum in Albany, a long, narrow, dark grey gallery offers a gem of an exhibition. With sharp, bright colored images interspersed with maps... More »

Building Friendships

by David Masello

Unlike an unimaginative, soul-numbing work of art—a Damien Hirst pickled animal or a Koons kitschy puppy—we can’t completely ignore a piece of architecture simply because of its sheer scale. When a building enters the... More »