Posting on the Wall, Facebook

Poem by Kim Bridgford


                                                                        I, one Snout by name, present a wall;

                                                                        And such a wall, as I would have you think

                                                                        That had in it a crannied hole or chink,

                                                                        Through which the lovers Pyramus and                                                                                                              Thisby

                                                                        Did whisper often very seriously.


                                                                                    William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


It’s true the wall’s more intimate, a Snout

Who represents the layering of stone,

And through which love will whisper its sweet route,

Away from public posts:  cute sayings thrown


Into your scrolled-down life—the cult of ego—

The photos of the friends you think you know.

Write on your wall, sweet Pyramus and Thisbe.

Be anything you wanted love to be.


And others will peer in upon this tier,

The way we watched in Shakespeare’s theatre.

It is more private than the public stream,

At night, mid-summer, and inside the dream.


Shhh.  Type it.  There.  And once you post the moment,

The rest of us, who lurk and stalk, will comment.