The Muse of Self-Referential Contemporary Poetry

Poem by J. Kates

I am sitting in a Starbucks drinking a buckwheat latté,
grande, which is their word in some language for medium,
just looking around for what we like to call a prompt,
when she flops down next to my open Apple notebook
and says, “Fool! Look in thy heart and write!” so I look.
And write: “I am looking into my heart while I drink
a buckwheat latté in Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon,
and the sun is shining through the window making the dust
dance over the tables, and the cappuccino steams,
with my muse sitting next to me with a cup of organic
Mexican fair-practice dark roast—there must be poetry
in that because it’s specific and because I’m writing it down
in my Apple notebook.” And she looks over my shoulder
muttering, “That is not what I meant. That is not it, at all.”