Envirascape™ Slate Falls, Target, $29.99

Poem by Anna M. Evans

I joined the rubber and the copper tubing,

attached the fall of slate. Meanwhile my daughter

looked on, wide-eyed: I don't get how it works.

I filled the bottom reservoir with water,


slid the light into its special case.

Why won't the water blow that? So I showed

her what protected it, affixed the pump,

and let her plug it in. The fountain glowed


as droplets trickled down its little cliff

to spangle on the pebbles at the foot.

It's beautiful! And soothing, but I didn't

say that. Sometimes it is better not


to understand exactly what protects us.

The fountain sang, enshrined upon the shelf,

its tiny song of Zen. And we admired it,

my lovely, unspoiled daughter, and myself.


American Arts Quarterly, Fall 2012, Volume 29, Number 4