In Answer to Your Questions

Poem by Gail White

Your Uncle Harry doesn’t know himself 

Where he left the will. You’ve tried his desk? The dresser? 

The farthest reaches of the kitchen shelf ? 

The dead are under a great deal of stress, 


And they forget. As for your other question— 

Whether you’ll find true love—Venus and Mars 

Are conjoined over Pisces, which suggests an 

Absolute negative on singles bars. 


It’s a good year for travel, cooking classes, 

Learning the waltz and the electric slide. 

Go where the people are. Going to Mass is 

Recommended if you’ve never tried. 


In late July, beware of traffic fines. 

That’s it. You’ve only paid for fourteen lines. 


American Arts Quarterly, Fall 2014, Volume 31, Number 4