Featured Poem

Curating a Necktie Collection

by Kevin Casey

You’ll note how this one wreathes about the neck,
the paisleys swirling in their burgundy curves
like clove smoke, evoking Victorian
authority. Careless fiber pairings
may promote a slackened attitude --
the fussy swatch of a maiden aunt's couch.
The fish thorn stitch of this knitted model
conveys its crafted insouciance through
the threads that add a softened, rutted note
and a homespun blur to the sharpened lines
of a button-down’s starch-soaked warp and weft,
while the emerald polygons of that cravat
are crystalline nuclei shimmering,
that shun all scrutiny as they index
the trajectory of stars within their calm
geometry. The fractals blossoming
in the sheen of its silk edges, ground keen, 
gleam like smoldering phosphorus along
the length of that alchemical vector.

And this limp bouquet on the valet stand,
these silk and cotton strands, comprise a rare
menagerie of slender beasts -- half albatross,
half tail-eating snake. You'll note, at last,
the way each calculates and measures out 
my workdays like a scrupulous fabric rule.