Connections and Influences: “Master Drawings Unveiled”

by Taylor L. Poulin

“Master Drawings unveiled: 25 Years of Major Acquisitions,” on view through January 29, 2017, at the Art Institute of Chicago, is a treasure trove of works on paper purchased by the Museum over the last quarter century, virtually none of which have been on view in Chicago until now. First-time visitors to the museum as well as... More »

Susan Hauptman: Delicacy and Daring

by Allison Malafronte

Susan Hauptman (1947–2015) was an American artist known for her largescale charcoal and pastel self-portraits and still lifes that challenged feminine ideals—among other conventions—in direct, theatrical and sometimes facetious ways. Her recent passing on July 18, 2015 at the relatively young age of 68 has brought fresh attention to... More »

Drawing Lessons

by James F. Cooper

There are many reasons to create drawings: to sketch out ideas for more ambitious works, to improve the hand-eye coordination essential to an artist’s development, to explore the medium itself—graphite or pen on paper. Vincent van Gogh spent a year of intense experiments applying various drawing instruments to paper, including pouring... More »

Mighty Mannerists

by Donald Kuspit

Looking at Hendrick Goltzius’s engravings of The Four Disgracers (1588), one is struck by their powerful, muscular bodies, falling from the heavens yet apparently defying gravity, for they seem to be suspended in space, oddly weightless for all their weightiness. Indeed, one of the four, Icarus, seems to float effortlessly in space,... More »