The Hudson River Portfolio

Boscobel, an elegant Federal-period house museum in Garrison, New York, has spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Highlands. An exhibition on view August 3–November 30, 2014, offers a rare chance to view the Hudson River Portfolio (1821–25) in its entirety. On loan from the Museum of the City of New York, the Portfolio consists of twenty... More »

Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home 1492–1898

“Behind Closed Doors: Art in the Spanish American Home 1492–1898,” organized by the Brooklyn Museum and now traveling, focuses on the collecting habits and private styles of a New World elite. The Spanish Americans garnered massive amounts of wealth and political power to equal their counterparts in Spain. Living at the center of the Pacific and Atlantic trade routes provided the nouveaux riches... More »

Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York's Rivers 1900-1940

Rivers epitomize the timeless beauty and vitality of nature; they are also engines of commerce and progress. “Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York’s Rivers 1900–1940,” organized by the Hudson River Museum, explores a specific instance of that paradox. The seventy works in the exhibition record changes to the regional landscape, defined in the nineteenth century by the... More »

Fundació de les Arts I els Aristes

The Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes, created in 2005, is an important twenty-first-century initiative promoting contemporary realism. The foundation recently presented its seventh annual Figurative Painting and Sculpture Exhibition at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, under the auspices of Jose Manuel Infiesta, foundation creator and director of the museum. Painters and... More »

WPW: (R)evolution

“WPW: (R)evolution,” at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, testified to the remarkable growth of the Women Painting Women group, figurative artists challenging the traditional stereotypes of male artist and feminine muse. Started as a blog by Sadie Jernigan Valeri, Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel in 2006, Women Painting Women organized a one-week painting retreat for fourteen artists,... More »

Michaelangelo's Drawings

An exhibition of Michelangelo’s (1475–1564) drawings is a rare and important event. "Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane," at the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William & Mary, presents twenty-six works on paper from the Casa Buonarroti in Florence. The variety of the drawings reflects the multifaceted genius of the Renaissance polymath—a painter, sculptor, architect and poet. There... More »

Zero Weather

"Zero Weather," a group show at the Fischbach Gallery in New York City (January 3–February 2, 2013) focused on the aesthetic potential of winter. The rich cultural history of the season encompasses themes of desolation and death-defying celebrations like the solstice, the Roman Saturnalia and Christmas, as well as fairy tales and sagas of polar exploration. A historical survey of zero-weather art... More »

Fort Wayne Museum

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Contemporary Realism Biennial performs a useful service. An A-list group of artists in the field—supported by a handful of high-profile specialist galleries and a network of ateliers—have achieved a level of well-deserved acclaim. But there are plenty of artists across the country working in the realist tradition who get limited exposure. Fort Wayne’s invitational... More »

El Museo del Barrio

 “Caribbean: Crossroads of the World,” an ambitious exhibition on view at three New York City museums—El Museo del Barrio, the Queens Museum of Art and the Studio Museum in Harlem—features 400 artists, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to today, reflecting a broad range of styles. It’s an immense subject, but a good place to begin is the nineteenth-century Puerto Rican painter... More »

Harmony in Nature

“Harmony in Nature,” at Susan Powell Fine Art in Madison, Connecticut, offered fresh evidence of the perennial allure of a certain kind of landscape painting. The four artists represented—Ira Barkoff, Peter Bergeron, Sandy Garvin and Dennis Sheehan—share a love for liminal zones where sky, water and earth meet. In threshold spaces like coasts and wetlands, the principal drama comes not from some... More »