The North Carolina Museum of Art

by James F. Cooper

During the last twenty years, the mission and ontology of modern art museums have been increasingly shaped by corporate and financial interests. Once seen as a safeguarding academic standard, promoting scholarship and... More »


by James F. Cooper

To create sacred space is to create an ordered universe emanating around a central point of reference.

—Mircea Eliade

Just after Veterans Day, I arrived in Washington, D.C., and checked into a hotel not far from the National Mall. The next... More »

Veils, Nudes and Walls

by Samir Younés

Near the Church of San Domenico in Naples, a stone’s throw away from the house where Giambattista Vico was born and passed his childhood, stands a remarkable chapel. The Cappella San Severo served as the votive church for the di Sangro family for several generations and owes its present character to the significant... More »

Sculptors of the American Renaissance

by James F. Cooper

It was a golden age in American history, sometimes referred to as the “Gilded Age,” an age that witnessed a great industrial and scientific leap forward. At the same time, there was a vigorous cultural flowering in architecture, arts, crafts and industrial design. This relatively short span of fifty years, between the end of... More »