Artist Reviews

Christopher Stott

Christopher Stott, whose paintings were on view this summer at Elliot Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, sets up his still lifes in a clean, well-lighted place. There are artists who favor earthy textures and the massing of objects. Chardin made something sublime out of the interlocking dynamic of kitchen clutter. Stott likes to isolate a few... More »

Sam Wisneki, Jacob Collins, Carl Dobsky, Edward Minoff

“The Human Figure,” an invitational group show at John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, builds on the solid foundation of the now well-established contemporary realism revival. The majority of the thirty-five artists represented are working, with varying degrees of rigor, in the tradition that flourished through the hegemony of the... More »

Ilya Zomb

The Russian-born, New York-based artist Ilya Zomb wants viewers to look at his “paintings as you would travel to some exotic country and stare in amazement at the strange new world.” His October show at Caldwell Snyder Gallery explored the outer reaches of realism, where loving observation of everyday things blends seamlessly with... More »

Sonya Sklaroff

Whether you approached from Grand Central Station or through chaotic Times Square at mid-day to the Sofitel, you found that you had already experienced at first hand the subject matter of most of Sonya Sklaroff ’s recent show, “New York Portraits.” The paintings, oils on panel, indulge in thickly applied paint with a glossy finish; some... More »

Israel Hershberg

The deep and deliberate impress of the Umbrian landscape on Israeli painter Israel Hershberg yields work that, at its best, comes close to an incarnate elegy. These vistas, clouded by mists of distance and the more enigmatic veils of time, call to mind those lines of Thomas Gray: “Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight,/ And all... More »

A Figural Presence

An exhibition entitled “A Figural Presence” was the centerpiece of an interdisciplinary examination of the human form on view this fall at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Guest curator John O’Hern and Iain MacLellan, Director of Saint Anselm’s Chapel Art Center, put together a firstrate selection of work by... More »

Tom Uttech

This fall, Alexandre Gallery in New York City presented a selection of Tom Uttech’s north woods landscapes. Uttech, a veteran artist who was honored with a retrospective at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2004, finds a pantheistic paradise in the wild places of upper Wisconsin and Quetico Provincial Park in Canada. While he has the keen eye... More »

John Pence Gallery

The fall line-up at John Pence Gallery in San Francisco includes a trio of contemporary realists; all work in a variety of genres but seem especially comfortable with still life. Starting off the season was a painter who is a convert to the academic approach. Tony Curanaj began as a graffiti artist in New York City and created designs... More »

Stephen Scott Young

Stephen Scott Young’s spring exhibition at Adelson Galleries in New York City demonstrated a quiet mastery of technique. Young works primarily in silverpoint and drybrush watercolor, and achieves some remarkably refined effects, especially in his portraits of children. One of his favorite models is Cindy, a five-year-old from Gregory... More »

Jacob Collins

In May, John Pence Gallery in San Francisco presented recent work by Jacob Collins, a major figure in the contemporary realism revival and founder of three influential teaching institutions: the Water Street Atelier, the Grand Central Academy of Art and the Hudson River School for Landscape. As an artist, Collins functions at a very high... More »