In the Studio with Allison Malafronte

In the Studio: Lois Dodd

by Allison Malafronte

Unlike in some other professions, time is truly on one’s side in the field of painting. The accumulation of years of knowledge and practice yield rich results as a painter advances into the later stages of his or her career. Artists may feel as though a lifetime isn’t long enough to master their craft, but once they’ve reached... More »

In the Studios: Steven J. Levin

by Allison Malafronte

Steven J. Levin has been painting for more than three decades, and as he comes into the home stretch of his “mid-career years,” the ideas are coming faster than he can paint them. The Minneapolis-based artist has worked hard to earn the ease that his studio life now affords him, with several years of rigorous training... More »

In the Studios: Charles Yoder

by Allison Malafronte

Charlie Yoder’s paintings have a larger-than-life presence. Usually occupying the better part of a gallery wall, they command your attention with their graphic rhythm and realistic detail, offering as much intrigue and mystery as the actual scenes in real life. This is an appropriate way for the six-foot-eight artist to work, as it... More »

In the Studio: Sherrie McGraw

by Allison Malafronte

Sherrie McGraw has a natural eloquence when speaking the language of drawing and painting. Her lyrical lines, dramatic chiaroscuro, and confident brushstrokes — all informed by decades of intelligent discovery — combine to create artworks of seemingly effortless elegance. An admirer of McGraw’s work for many years, I have been... More »